Vision & Mission


"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"

At the Conscious Performers Collective, we believe in offering an alternative to the entertainment status quo. We carry a message of enlightenment, empowerment and healing to all people by creating thought-provoking and life-affirming theatre which has the capacity to catalyze spiritual growth.

In our productions and workshops, we seek to ask questions and discover answers together with audiences; and to penetrate that deeper, transcendent dimension of existence. Our purpose is to expose people to a more harmonious way of experiencing life, and to inspire them to move out of habits and behaviors that create inner and outer discord.

Additionally, by producing feelings of yugen (a Japanese Buddhist term that roughly translates to: “An awareness of the profound and mysterious beauty of the Universe, which triggers an emotional response too deep for words”), we believe we can contribute to the evolution of consciousness through the creation and experience of art.

We work from the inside out – through personal growth and spiritual development, and by raising our levels of consciousness – because we hold it to be true that it makes the greatest social impact. The wise have said before that the greatest way to change the world is to change ourselves. It is by doing so that we create a ripple-effect of peace, self-realization, and harmony.

Our work is open to all who are exploring the more existential questions of life. However, we make it one of our core objectives to invite and offer opportunity for non-traditional theatre audiences to experience a show. Often these audiences will come from the communities we are already working with. Specifically, we seek to offer intensive workshop programs and production experiences to: people suffering from long-term physical or mental illness, people in recovery from substance abuse or eating disorders, children and teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds, immigrants, refugees, veterans, LGBTQ+ youth, and generally, people suffering from depression, anxiety and/or trauma.  

As a non-profit organization, our efforts are fully focused on doing public good and dispensing the Light. By raising our voices, we intend to raise the Spirit of the people. Our goal is to become a movement – a grassroots revolution ignited by the mission of offering true prayerformance to the masses to heal, uplift, empower, unite and ascend.

"Do we awake and arise?
You were born with wings, why crawl through life?"