The Ensemble

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are the Ocean."



Official: Board Director, President and Treasurer
Positions: Artistic Director, Director, Actor, Writer, Spoken Word Poet

Giulia is a classically and contemporarily trained actor, writer, holistic voice coach, and the creator and artistic director of the Conscious Performers Collective. She believes in raising frequency through the sacred power of raising voice, and aims to use storytelling as a powerful tool to heal, transform, and catalyze spiritual growth.

Giulia has trained in London at the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, and with the devising repertory theater company Fourth Monkey Theatre Company. She has also followed intensive courses at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, the National Youth Film Academy and The Acting Studio in NYC.

She is a student of the I Am teachings and the Law of One, and practices Kriya Yoga meditation as passed on by Paramahansa Yogananda.

Giulia’s highest purpose in life is to generate a chain reaction of wise, uplifted and empowered people who work together for more harmony, unity and peace in the world.

Thai Le.jpg


Official: Board Director, Secretary
Positions: Music Producer, Musician, Singer, Actor

Thai is a self-educated composer and music producer who wishes to cultivate and share his feelings of spiritual empowerment and fulfilment through the experience and creation of music.

Thai has performed as an instrumentalist for various artists in the South Jersey area, and currently works in the field of musical production and songwriting.

Thai is a student of the I Am teachings, and an avid researcher in theology and classical literature. He believes in art’s ability to evoke a freedom of emotions and profound revelations as both a creator and a witness, and strives to carry out and advance this human tradition. Through the study of music and acting, Thai hopes to dive deeper into his own being and share his discovery with others.

Joshua Vertical.jpg


Official: Board Director
Positions: Actor, Singer, Stage Manager

Joshua is a first-time performer, corporate wellness facilitator, sound healer, social and educational reformer, and public speaker. He is driven by a purpose to serve humanity, and engages in empathic and clairvoyant practices to support others looking for a sense of balance and spiritual healing.

Joshua is a certified Reiki Master and Vortex healer. He notes that his extrasensory sensitivities were drawn to his attention from a young age, and views this as his strength in understanding the intentions and feelings of other people. Joshua has a passion for creating life-long memories, and sees the act of performing as an impactful and immortalized practice that promotes change.

Joshua has developed a full-time practice; offering healing, meditation, and life-coaching both to corporations and individuals. He has worked with the A&E TV network and Broadway shows, including Hamilton and On Your Feet, and has advocated for the incorporation of mindfulness practices in the New York school system. He loves to create change in the individual in the effort to raise consciousness, and finds performance to be a powerful catalyst for change via the purity of emotional expression.

Julia Vertical.jpg


Positions: Actor, Singer, Dancer

Julia is a Reiki practitioner, holistic health coach, yoga teacher, dancer, singer and actor. Combining her intuitive modalities along with her educational background, she strives to offer her personal spiritual perspective and experience in the effort to uplift individuals so that they can live fulfilling lives.

Julia has been performing both traditionally and non-traditionally her entire life. During her earlier years, she was involved in various theatre productions, figure skating performances, and singing opportunities. She has trained in numerous dance styles, Musical Theater singing, and was exposed to acting at the Rockaway School of Music. She has also studied Meisner technique in New York City.

Julia currently travels the NJ/NYC area speaking to groups about topics on raising consciousness and living from the heart. She also hosts and partakes in events where she teaches yoga, guides meditation, practices Reiki, and leads group discussions. Her intention is to bring the healing of the most-high to those who are looking to better themselves.

Jon Logan.jpg


Positions: Writer, Musician, Singer, Actor, Editor

Jon is a writer, self-taught singer, instrumentalist, photographer, and clothing designer. He believes that the ultimate expression of freedom is the artist’s commitment to curiosity, and seeks spirituality through the challenge and discovery of new pursuits.

From a young age he has performed as a freelance bassist for various artists in the South Jersey area, and has performed at notable events such as the Bamboozle Festival in Asbury Park and Power 99’s Powerhouse at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia. He currently studies English at Rowan University, and strives to combine his passions for singing, performance, writing, and literature into a holistic career that satisfies his wandering mind and empowers other curious artists.

Jon is a student of the I Am teachings, and an avid researcher in the fields of literature, theology, archaeology and cultural anthropology. In light of these curiosities, Jon identifies spiritually with his personal distillery of the world’s mysteries. It is his goal to be a humble embodiment of artistic satisfaction, and he seeks to be a living protest to any cultural notions that subdue or discourage dreamers - young and old.

Eleejah Noah.jpg


Positions: Actor

Eleejah is an actor and movement practitioner. She styles herself a learner, listener, and mover, and strives to express her gratitude for life and spirit through the outlet of discovery.

Eleejah has studied Media at The New School University of Manhattan, and has trained in Meisner technique as well as The Method technique, completing New York’s Lee Strasberg Institute Conservatory program for Theater, Film and TV. She has a background in Neuroscience, and is a performance and wellness consultant for YourNeuroWorld: a wellbeing and performance team.

She practices the Enneagram, and notes that her spiritual influences reflect her appreciation for the world that she has seen through a life of travel. Her highest purpose in life is to set an example of self-reflection and overall consciousness, and she believes that there is no limit to what one can do when the mind is willing. She strives to incorporate neuroscience into the world of acting and human relations in the effort to promote inner and outer respect.

Dionna Vereen.jpg


Positions: Actor, Singer, Spoken Word Poet

Dionna is a classically and contemporarily trained actor and vocalist, spoken word poet, creator of the holistic forest festival—SunGround, and overall believer in goodness. She believes the most necessary kind of theatre is that which strives to absorb, inspire, disrupt, challenge, and invigorate.

Dionna recently graduated from studying Acting at Syracuse University as an Undergrad. She has worked in several student films and productions, and contributed to pieces concerning and commenting on the black experience. She has also studied abroad at Shakespeare’s Globe in London.

Dionna cites an awakening to individual and collective potential as the fabric of her work. She constantly strives to be a better version of herself and vehemently encourages others to do the very same.