We have our roots in collaborative and devised physical theatre, and we layer our productions with an abundance of holistic healing modalities to maximize the experience of inner peace and well-being. Our content is exclusively focused on the exploration of metaphysics and the big questions of life, with the purpose of expanding the heart, the mind, and consciousness. Our productions draw from scientific research into the nature of consciousness, wisdom teachings from around the world, and all the different spiritual paths that ultimately point in the same direction. Naturally, we have a strong preference for pristine natural settings. Post-production, we often offer herbal tea and invite audiences to have satsang (Sanskrit for ‘a sacred gathering for truth’ or ‘spiritual discourse’) with us about the production's subject matter. We also offer community resources for our audiences to continue any spiritual or mindful practice they might feel called to explore.

Our productions are:

  • Original: we create work through a collaborative writing and devising process with shared leadership and consensus decision-making

  • Site-Specific: by creating outdoor productions in pristine nature, or indoors in settings that give way to relaxation and expansion

  • Innovative and Explorative: by approaching our work with an open curiosity and boldly trying out new forms of storytelling

  • Immersive: by allowing the audience to be fully immersed in the story, sound, and the play’s environment

  • Metaphysical: by focusing on content that explores the fundamental nature of reality and which has the potential to expand consciousness

  • Relaxing and (Potentially) Healing: by incorporating holistic healing modalities such as aromatherapy, collective meditation, and sound healing therapy including binaural beats

  • Non-Dogmatic: by upholding a spirit of playful inquiry into all types of wisdom teachings and acknowledging that all we know is that we know nothing

We are currently working on our first production. Stay (at)tuned...