While in rehearsal and in production, the company trains in an abundance of psycho-physical performance practices interwoven with spiritual practices that enhance and fine-tune the instrument of the conscious creator and performer. These practices strengthen the ensemble connection and the soul on its way to creative freedom and spiritual mastery. Satsang (Sanskrit for ‘spiritual discourse’, or ‘a sacred gathering for truth’) lies at the core of the exploration and development phase of any new production. It is from these practices that we create our custom tailored workshop programs to suit whomever we are working with.

We practise and workshop the following techniques:

* Improvisation
* Ensemble Exercises
* Presence Builders (working with the electro-magnetic field)
* Voice & Speech: Classical
* Yoga of Sound/Vocal Alchemy
* Yoga (Asana and Pranayama)
* Sound Healing Therapy
* Meditation
* Qigong
* Energy Work

* Grotowski
* Suzuki
* Shakespeare
* Clowning
* Meisner
* LeCoq
* Laban
* Peter Brook
* Animal Studies
* Expressive Movement

Please note: Our spiritual practices as a company are substance-free and do not fall under any institutionalized religion or doctrine.

We work intensively with the communities we feel most called to serve. These include: people suffering from long-term physical or mental illness, people in recovery from substance abuse or eating disorders, children and teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds, immigrants, refugees, veterans, LGBTQ+ youth, and generally, people suffering from depression, anxiety and/or trauma.  

Whether we work with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, an adolescent in recovery, or an elderly person suffering from trauma and isolation - all can benefit deeply from holistic and creative practices. We offer programs custom tailored to the group and their specific needs and goals. In general, most people experience an inner expansion through communion with the deeper dimension within themselves, free play and authentic expression, and building skills of confidence, communication, and connection.

Additionally, we offer our unique way of learning and training to the public in half- and whole-day workshops and extended workshop programs. This includes schools, performance academies, yoga and wellness studios, spiritual centres, and all sorts of non-profit organizations and corporate companies.

"The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."