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The Alchemy of Spiritual Creativity

  • Philadelphia Ethical Society (map)

The Alchemy of Spiritual Creativity: How to Enter Into and Sustain a State of Flow

The flow state is the state of being where you are so involved in your creative process that nothing else seems to matter. Time stands still. The outer world cannot disturb you. It is our most productive state, filled with calmness and focused joy. Inspiration (from the Latin word ‘inspirare’) literally means: ‘to breathe into’. Inducing this state of inspiration allows our thinking minds, with their self-sabotaging habits and thought patterns, to give way. This makes space for a deeper dimension within ourselves to be expressed. This in-pouring flow of life force energy can then optimally match our energetic blueprints, and help us realize our talents and gifts in the outer world.

Flow is the holy grail of spiritually inspired productivity, but it is more than that: by entering into communion with the fundamental creative force of existence, it makes each present moment much more enjoyable.

In this workshop, we will learn how to create space for flow experiences to occur, so that you may alchemize the gold of your spiritual creativity. We will explore the revelational power of silence and meditation, and how to interiorize the mind. We will also work through ancient systems of breath, vocal and movement techniques with the intention of strengthening concentration. This workshop will culminate with a celebration of our expressed individual creativity.

When: Saturday October 5th, 1-5 pm. NO LATE ADMITTANCE. Doors open at 12.30 pm.

Where: Dining Room on 2nd Floor of Philadelphia Ethical Society

All proceeds go to our non-profit work


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