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Cultivating the Power of Presence

Cultivating the Power of Presence

Presence is the powerful practice of being in the moment, in the Now, while fully expanded into the wholeness of your Being. You are fully present in those moments when you are consciously energetically connected to everything around you, and, through that meaningful connection, are aware of receiving energy back. Presence is when you are breathing into Life, and Life is breathing into you.

Too often do we go through life disconnected, small, apologetic, or we overcompensate for our self-consciousness by pushing our energy out, trying to be something we’re not. So few of us nowadays practice on a daily basis the natural ability to be grounded in and connected to our breath, bodies, and voices. So few of us are able to comfortably hold our space and speak authentically from the heart, without fear or bluff.

In this workshop, we will be cultivating the Power of Presence. Through grounding, breath work, Alexander Technique, meditation, electro-magnetic field exercises, warming up the body and the voice through the chakras, working with the Three Circles of Energy, and Meisner Technique, we will learn how to release stagnant energy, awaken the whole psycho-physical Being, and enter that magical state called Presence.

WHEN: Sunday November 17th, noon-4 pm. NO LATE ADMITTANCE. Doors open at 11.30 am.

WHERE: Back Room of Enlightened Cafe, Ventnor City

All proceeds go to our non-profit work


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